Thursday, June 10, 2010

England Football Day

Warm up for England’s World Cup opener with the USA this Saturday(12th June) by taking charge of your own robotic football team in Church Square.

Robotsoccer will be one of the highlights of an England Football Day in the square – complete with bunting, giveaways, England flags and cheering crowds.

Robotsoccer promises the euphoria of goalscoring – without the exertion of taking to the pitch. The game comes from the makers of TV’s Robot Wars.

It’s all part of the Football Association’s drive to get everyone behind the national team as they bid for World Cup glory in South Africa.

There will also be soccer-themed street entertainment, football freestylers and facepainting - in both Church Square and St Mary’s Market. St Mary’s market traders will also enter customers spending over £1 into a prize draw to win a superb 42” LCD TV.

The England Football kicks off at 11am in Church Square – with the final whistle due at 4pm.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Marie calls for cut in Councillors' expenses

Marie Rimmer has called for a 4% reduction in councillor expenses

The new Labour Leader of St Helens Clouncil Marie Rimmer recommended that the Independent Remuneration Panel be asked to consider the proposal to the reduction which, she says, she has long since fought for.

“It is totally unacceptable that councillors receive a bigger increase than both employees who work for the Council and many working residents,” said Councillor Rimmer. “I want St.Helens to lead the way in a more equitable system of councillor expenses to ensure they never rise above a fair level and what is equitable with other working people. It’s all about what is fair and right.”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Join Labour Today

Many local residents will be shocked at the recent developments that have witnessed the formation of a Tory/Lib Dem coalition government. We said during the election campaign that a vote for the Lib Dems was a vote to put David Cameron into 10 Downing Street and so it proved. The Labour Party has gained thousands of new members in the last few days to help us fight the Tory/Lib Dem “Coalition of cuts” ,and to help protect our public services.

Labour’s investment in schools, hospitals and communities helped undo much of the damage caused by the previous Tory government.If you want to join us in our fight please click on the link below.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Marie Rimmer re-elected

West Park Labour Councillor was re-elected in West Park with a thumping 2'000 vote majority.Marie polled over 3'000 votes on a night when Labour trounced the Lib Dem Tory alliance in St Helens. Labour gained 4 seats from the Lib Dems and one from the Tories to regain control of St Helens Council. Marie thanked all those who voted for her describing her result as "humbling". She also thanked the people of the borough for placing their trust in Labour.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Old Ravenhead Road

Your Labour Team successfully pressed for a section of Ravenhead Old Road to be tarmaced recently. Cllr Marie Rimmer said The road was covered with potholes the size of bomb craters and it needed urgent repair. This campaigning success follows our success in getting a width restriction on the road to prevent HGVs using the road as a short cut .We are continually monitoring the problem of fly tipping on Old Ravenhead Road on behalf of local residents”

Local Mast Success

West Park’s Labour Team joined forces with local residents to defeat an application by Vodaphone to site a mast on Prescot Road.Marie Rimmer said “ The mast would have been an unsightly blemish right in front of Pilkington’s Head Office which is a Grade 2 listed building. “

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Latest West Park Rose out now

The latest edition of West Park Labour Team's local Campaigning newsletter is being delivered to every home in the ward right now.The newsletter is compiled by local Labour volunteers and delivered by local volunteers.We are West Park's ONLY all local, all year round campaigning Party.

Alleyway Surfacing

Alleyway Surfacing
and campaigning for more …

Your Local Labour Councillors successfully fought for funding from West Park Fair Shares to have some alleyways constructed to adoptable standards in Grange Park Road, Legion Road, Elm Road, Crossley Road, Norfolk Road, Downs Road. Freckleton Road will be financed by the West Park Ward Fund.

We are continuing to press the Council to provide funding for similar work for the Bates Crescent Triangle and behind Clifton Terrace on Prescot Road. As always we will keep
residents informed ….

Queens Park Update

It was a long wait and three years late but the investment Labour originally planned for Queens Park Leisure Centre seems to be
finally on the way – Touch wood!!.

Labour Councillor Robbie Ayres commented ”From Monday 30th March the building will be decommissioned and prepared for handover to contractors, which should occur at the end of May 2009. The final agreement on contracts is expected to be in place by the end of April with appropriate supporting council decisions. .

“The pool will be demolished and the existing sports hall will be refurbished to provide a brand new leisure complex.
The car park will be extended and covered by CCTV cameras. Extra spaced for disabled drivers and cyclists will be provided and the existing landscaping will be replaced and improved. The opening date will hopefully be in 2010 and we will be monitoring the progress of the plans to ensure there are no further delays, local people have waited long enough”

Hazel Grove

West Park’s Local Labour Councillors recently held a meeting with the residents at Hazel Grove following the bombshell announcement that Arena Homes are to review the viability of the popular housing scheme.

Cllr Marie Rimmer commentedHazel Grove is well established and close knit community of elderly residents and the news has come as a real shock to the residents. Arena have stated the lack of lifts in the buildings, and other issues make the accommodation unfit for purpose. Our view is we should not be losing housing provision for elderly residents and we are liaising with Arena and the Council to try and keep this community together. The residents are understandably very concerned and have elected a small group of representatives. Marie will be asking Arena to involve these representatives and herself throughout the review process.

Friday, January 23, 2009

St Helens Lib Dem in Facebook storm

A SENIOR St Helens Liberal Democrat Cllr David Crowther has been accused of posting insensitive remarks on the Facebook social networking website about the sudden deaths of two Labour local Labour Councillors.

Labour Group Leader and West Park Councillor Marie Rimmer,said: “I am disgusted and utterly appalled by Cllr Crowther’s comments.

“Mike Doyle and Ken Pinder were not only friends of mine but great public servants to the residents of St Helens.

“Politics at times can be combative but when a person passes away, usually political parties come together to celebrate that member’s contribution to public life. I really cannot believe the insensitivity of Cllr Crowther and demand that he apologises immediately to Cllr Doyle and Cllr Pinder’s widows and family members.”

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thatto Heath Dam

Alarmed residents contacted your Labour Team after seeing JCB diggers and heavy machinery working at Thatto Heath Dam. Cllr Robbie Aryes said “Some residents were worried that a new open access was being constructed at the Dam.We have followed up this issue and discovered the Council are clearing vegetation and installing a new drain to prevent flooding to a property in Dickens Road.The water flow will then be monitored to see if the problem has been rectified. Thank you to everyone who contacted us about this issue”

Xmas West Park Rose now being delivered

The Xmas edition of the West Park Rose-our local free campaigning newsletter is now being delivered in your area.Included is a free handy calender and all the latest news affecting your area.

Clean Bill of Health

Your Labour Councillors would like to congratulate our local hospitals for meeting all standards for hygiene requirements following in depth studies and unannounced spot checks. Cllr Marie Rimmer commented” We know in St Helens what a great job our hospitals do, they have to take flak from local politicians trying to get a few quick headlines for themselves in the press but the results speak for themselves. It’s a great accolade for our local nurses and dedicated hospital staff”

Parking pain goes on for residents

Many residents are still contacting your Labour Team regarding parking problems across West Park Ward.The main areas of concern are Prescot Road,West Park Road,Broadway and the perennial problem of overspill parking from Taylor Park in the Grosvenor Road area.Cllr Marie Rimmer said” We are in constant contact with the Council on all these issues and have asked for action to give residents some peace of mind.It seems the Lib Dem run Council has taken it’s eye off the ball and is concentrating most of it’s efforts in readiness for the expansion of on street parking charges in St Helens early in the new year.”

We believe the Highways Department has done all it can to ‘encourage’ visitors to Taylor Park to use the Holme Road car park but residents at the Grosvenor Road end are still suffering .We will continue to urge the Council leadership to take this issue, and the parking issues in Prescot Road,Broadway and West Park Road, seriously.

PICTURED:Cllr Marlene Quinn in West Park Road.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Youth Matters

Following conversations with your Labour Councillors extra staff from the Youth Service have been deployed to West Park ward to help engage young people who are congregating on the streets in positive activities. Cllr Marlene Quinn said “The vast majority of kids are good kids and working together with the local youth service we can ensure they play a positive role in our community.”

Thatto Heath Park

Members of West Park’s all local Labour Team spent a morning collecting bottles and beer cans from the shrubbery at Thatto Heath Park recently.Three carrier bags of cans and bottles were collected for recycling.

Cllr Marlene Quinn said ”We know there is an ongoing problem with drinking in the park, you only need to look at the amount of beer cans in the bushes to understand the issue. Please contact us if you spot any areas littered with cans and bottles.”

Queens Park Leisure centre

Residents are reeling from the news that the Kids’ paddling pool and Squash Courts are to close at Queens Park Leisure centre. Local Labour Councillor Robbie Ayres commented “Despite all their hype the Lib Dems running the council have put no extra money into the capital funding programme for leisure and any improvements will have to come via increased revenue at the door. One saving grace is the Lib Dem led Council has belatedly taken the advice of St Helens Labour MP Shaun Woodward and bid for money made available by the Labour government to extend free swimming for all over 60’s and under 16’s right across the Borough. “

Latest West Park Rose delivered

West Park Labour Teams latest Rose newsletter is being delivered across the ward right now.The Sept/Oct 2008 edition features news from Taylor Park/Thatto Heath Park. News about Queens Park leisure centre,school transport to Cowley and the issue of dumped used syringes.

Local news by the local team for local people.

Friday, August 08, 2008

A load of rubbish

Residents are again contacting your Labour Team about the amount of rubbish collecting in local Alley Ways around West Park Ward. Recently we’ve followed up reports of rubbish in alleys at the rear of Chamberlain Street and Gladstone Street.

Cllr Marlene Quinn said” This is an ongoing problem we are working hard to try and address. Disabled residents have also contacted us with concerns that they no longer have adequate assistance with their wheelie bins, with other residents complaining about bins not being emptied in over five weeks, this is all since new contracts of employment were issued by the Lib Dem /Tory Council to permanent employees, along with the Council now using agency workers on refuse collection and street sweeping.. A fine mess they've made of the service you could set your clock by when Labour managed the Council”.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Proud of the NHS

Our National Health Service is 60 years old on 5 July 2008, so let’s celebrate one of Britain’s most treasured institutions, that’s touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Have your say on our NHS at

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A very special resident

Cllr Marie Rimmer and Cllr Marlene Quinn had the privilege of marking the 104th birthday of Mrs Chadwick , a regular at the ever popular "Luke Inn" at St Luke’s on Knowsley Road. Marie said "it was fantastic to be part of Mrs Chadwick’s birthday celebrations, what a great example Mrs Chadwick is to us all.”

Still think you know the Lib Dems?


For those unable to travel by public or private means Adult Social Care and Health operates a dedicated transport service. This not only allows people with disabilities to travel around but also ensures they can attend Day Centres that provide social and leisure activities and to gain important life and workplace skills. This year The Lib Dems and Tories have increased the cost per journey from £1.12p to 2.50p per trip. A whopping increase of 123%!!!!

Still think you know the Lib Dems?

Think You Know The Lib Dems?

Portland House

The pioneering Portland House in Newton-le-Willows was one of the first of its kind in the country and provides specialist 24-hour support for older people with dementia. It has been a great success after the previous Labour Council and Villages Community Housing first developed the centre.

This year the Lib Dems & Tories on St Helens Council are putting the charges at Portland House up from £84.95p per week to £178.92p per week.

Still think you know the Lib Dems?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Robbie gains West Park from Lib Dems

Local Labour Campaigner Robbie Ayres wins West Park with a whopping 679 vote majority. Robbie has been part of Labour's local campaign team for the past year.

Robbie commented" I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me, working with Marie and Marlene I'll do my best for our area"

Labour made 2 gains in St Helens from the Lib Dems.The Lib Dems failed to take any of their targets.

the results

Ayres Robbie (Lab) 1493
Barton Richard William (Con) 329
Evans David (Lib Dem) 814
Swindells Eric John (BNP) 331

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lib Dems relegate Liverpool

It took them a few years but the Lib Dems have finally managed to ensure Liverpool is rated the worst council in the country.The people of Liverpool deserve better.

Official: Liverpool city council is worst - yes, the WORST - in the country

LIVERPOOL has been named and shamed as the worst performing council in the country.
The city finished bottom of the national list.

It was one of only two English authorities to receive a one-star “inadequate” rating.
The only other, Rutland, finished above Liverpool because its prospects for improvement were better.

Liverpool’s humiliating performance in this year’s comprehensive performance assessment (CPA) was blamed on the council’s handling of taxpayers’ money

Friday, December 21, 2007

St Teresa's

West Park’s Labour Team congratulated everyone involved in providing community activities at St Teresa’s Community Centre on Devon Street after they were successful in obtaining a grant of £7000 to help restore the centre. The Community centre caters for young people and the elderly. Cllr Marlene Quinn, who has been working with the Community Centre and offering advice on ways to access funding, commented” the commitment shown by people who help out at the centre is first class. The recent appeal for old mobile phones raised over £300 and the Centre are looking to apply for a further grant of £500 to help with youth activities. The Community Centre is making a real difference in the local community and it’s a privilege working with them ”

Mick Manning ,who helps at the centre, said “A simple phone call to West Park Labour Team asking for help in fund-raising pointed us in the right direction, we are now reaping the rewards. We bought a new pool table for the kids with the money from the old mobile phones and we still want more old mobile phones to help raise funds”

The Big Lib Dem Lights out-Again!!!

For the second year running the Lib Dem/Tory alliance running the Council has cut funding for street lighting. Labour’s Marlene Quinn said “Street lighting is an import factor in reassuring the public and deterring crime. We will continue to expose the Lib Dem/Tory cuts at the Town Hall and fight for our area.”

Robbie joins post office fight

Labour Campaigner Robbie Ayres has joined Cllrs Marie Rimmer and Marlene Quinn and local residents in the fight to try and save Cambridge Road Post Office from closure.

Robbie said ”To close this post office would be a catastrophe for the local community ,particularly local pensioners .The nearest Post Office would be the main PO on Bridge Street. The Bridge St office is always very busy with endless queues. If we lost Cambridge Road post office this would also have an adverse effect on the many shops in Cambridge Rd. The Post Office consultation on the proposed closure lasts six weeks and ends on December 17th. Your West Park Labour Team have delivered thousands of leaflets around the Newtown area urging people to write to the Post Office Consultation Team”:

Latest West Park Rose delivered

The Xmas edition of West Park Labour Team's Rose newsletter is now being delivered.This is the third ward newsletter since last May's local elections and includes news about your Labour Team's local campaigns in your area.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

St Teresa's Scoops Award

St.Teresa’s Catholic Primary School has become the first school in St. Helens to achieve a Second Green Flag award from the national ENCAMS Eco Schools Campaign. The Devon Street school was initially awarded the prestigious Green Flag in May 2005 for its ongoing work and commitment to the environment.

Well done to all pupils,parents and staff!!!

Newtown Planters

The removal of several planters around the Newtown area recently took place.These included planters in Devon,Sidney,Bronte,Exeter and Grafton Streets.

Labour Councillor Marlene Quinn said "Many residents had complained that the planters were a focal point for litter and anti social behaviour in the area.Several residents had plants shoved through their letterboxes that had been uprooted from the planters"

Friday, June 22, 2007

Labour's Care Boost

The quality of life for older people in St. Helens care homes will improve as a result of a £225,000 refurbishment fund from the Labour Government. This is St Helens’ share of a national £67 million investment in England’s Care Homes by Labour.

Improvements will include:

Replacing worn-out carpeting or floor coverings to reduce the risk of falls.

Upgrading dining rooms.

Upgrading residents’ bedrooms and bathrooms

Improving gardens or outside spaces used by residents, to encourage outdoor exercise.

Alterations that would give the residents greater privacy.

Providing information technology that benefits older residents, such as access to internet and email.

Local Labour Councillor Marlene Quinn said” By distributing this funding to almost 7,000 care homes throughout England Labour are aiming to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people and their families. This is good news for our care homes in St Helens ”

Latest West Park Rose Delivered

The latest edition of West Park Labour Team's community newsletter is being delivered to every home in West Park Ward right now.Local news, by local people for local people....

Labour Slams Town Hall Lib Dem Spin

Labour has slammed the Council’s Lib Dem Leadership for their ‘pass the buck’ attitude and excessive spin.
Cllr Marlene Quinn said “Whenever bad news or a tough decision needs to be explained to the people of St Helens the Lib Dems offer up an anonymous ‘Council spokesperson ‘ to comment. But when a good news story breaks, usually involving money from the Labour Government, Lib Dems are literally falling over themselves to get their name attached to the story. It’s just the sort of irresponsible ’leadership’ we’ve come to expect from the Lib Dems and we will continue to hold them to full account on behalf of local residents.”

Sign Of The Times

A new street sign was fitted in Lynn Close after residents contacted Marlene and Marie.Do you know of a local street sign in need of repair or replacement? Contact

Phone Mast Blast

Cllrs Marlene Quinn and Marie Rimmer have joined local residents in objecting to the proposed placement of a mobile phone mast on Prescot Road near Carmel College.

Marlene said”It is proposed to situate the mast in a high density residential area with large numbers of students of Carmel Sixth Form College accessing transport in the vicinity of this mast. There is still an issue regarding mast impact on health. We have notified residents in the area of our objections and concerns”

Ravenhead Plans Rejected Again

The revised plans to build 400 new homes on the former glassworks site in Ravehead have been rejected . West Park’s Local Labour Team has lead the campaign against this unsuitable development from day one.

Labour Councillor Marie Rimmer commented “Ravenhead’s already congested roads simply couldn’t take hundreds of extra vehicles and the congestion along Prescot Road would have worsened. We’d like to thank all the residents who contacted us about this important local issue and we will continue to monitor the situation”

Friday, May 04, 2007

Marlene wins West Park

Local Labour Campaigner Marlene Quinn won the election in West Park, gaining the seat from the Lib Dems, with a thumping 591 majority,a swing to Labour and Labour's highest vote in any ward across St Helens. Marlene Quinn said" Labour's majority went up in West Park as did our share of the vote. This is a victory for the community of West Park Ward and I will work just as hard in the council chamber as I do in our local community.I'd like to thank everyone who supported me and the many people who sent genuine messages of support during the campaign"

Marlene Quinn Labour Party 1741

Conservative Party 174
Liberal Democrat 1150
Community Action Party 50
BNP 220

Friday, April 06, 2007

Taylor Park Boathouse

Marlene Quinn tries out the specially made celebration cake at the recent opening of Taylor Park’s new café with local residents and people involved in running the café from St John’s Ravenhead. It was Marlene’s suggestion that St John’s be involved in operating the café in Taylor Park. Marlene said “The opening is a credit to all the people from St John’s Centre, The Friends of Taylor Park and everyone else involved. I’m sure our local community will make good use of this excellent new facility. The service is excellent and all the produce is affordably priced. Over the past couple of years the park has been transformed with new facilities and the numbers of people using the park has increased substantially. It’s a real success story for our area and St Helens.”

West Street Action

Local Campaigner Marlene Quinn reported this badly leaning road sign for repair in West Street.Real Labour Action, by the Real Local Team...

Dog Fouling Survey

Marlene Quinn would like to thank the many people who returned our recent dog fouling survey. Marlene said” The survey was intended to find out the extent of the problem in our area and the response has been staggering. The responses so far state that dog fouling is a huge problem and that it is getting worse. We realise the vast majority of dog owners are responsible but more needs to be done to target the irresponsible small minority who allow their dogs to foul our public areas. Everyone agrees with this point. We will update you on this local campaign”

Thank You For your Help On this important issue

Marlene Quinn
Labour Campaigner

Who Are We?

West Park’s Labour Team are local people just like you. We live in your area, use local facilities, attend local community meetings and resident’s groups and send our kids to local schools. What affects you, affects us. That’s why we work hard for our area.

*Cllr Marie Rimmer lives in Dilloway St..

*Marlene Quinn lives in Ravenhead...

*Our Branch Secretary lives in
Dunriding Lane..

*Our Branch Chair lives in Newtown..

*Our leaflet publisher lives in Grange Park..

*Our local team of volunteers who deliver your local Rose newsletter all live in your area…

*We are West Park’s Only all local, all year round campaigning Party

Why not join us and help us fight for our area?
Call us on 01744 60000

Local Youth Matters

Local resident Marlene Quinn is delighted to be part of a team that is providing a safe place for our local youth to let off steam and engage in positive activity at St Teresa’s Hall.

Marlene said “The vast majority of local kids are good kids and it’s important to give them something to do to keep them off the streets and out of potential trouble. We are currently raising funds to provide more play equipment for local youngsters .You can help us, if you have any broken or unused mobile phones then please contact me on 600025.”

Marlene has also been co opted onto the management committee and she commented” we are looking for larger amounts of funding to make the hall easier to access for disabled
people and safer and more secure.”

Other activities at the Centre include:Senior Citizens Bingo Night, toddler group, youth club, slimming world and other local community activities.

Taylor Park Car Parking

Labour Campaigner and local resident Marlene Quinn hit out at the grubby Lib Dem/Tory Alliance running St Helens Council after they blocked a Labour amendment to the council budget that would have added an extra £1.75 million capital receipt cash to improve local street lighting, footpaths and car parking facilities, including extra car parking at the Grosvenor Rd end of Taylor Park..

Marlene said “ Many residents have complained to us about street lighting, lack of car parking facilities in places like Taylor Park and the condition of many of our footpaths. We feel these areas of concern need to be tackled and said so. It seems the Lib Dems and Tories don’t agree. Had they accepted Labour's amendment both ends of Taylor Park would have benefited from new and improved car parking facilities.They have already shelved routine funded lighting replacement schemes and hiked up car parking charges. The additional funding would have had no impact on this year’s council tax level and we fully supported the proposed council tax rise of 2.5% .Labour had delivered 5 consecutive years of 2.5% council tax rises including last year’s council budget. We will keep fighting on the issues that matter to you in OUR West Park community and in the Town Hall”

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Storm Damage

Your Local Labour Team Working For Our Community

*Many residents contacted West Park’s Labour Team after the recent gale force winds lashed the local area. Residents living along Prescot Road called Labour Councillor Marie Rimmer after a street light was seen swaying in the high winds.Marie said “The light column’s concrete base was breaking up and the situation was becoming dangerous. Thankfully it was repaired quickly and I’d like to thank the residents who contacted me about this issue.”

*Elderly residents in Marsden Avenue contacted your Labour Team after the fence to the rear of their properties was blown down by the high winds. Labour Campaigner Marlene Quinn said “There were obvious security concerns as the gardens backed onto an unlit park. We contacted the housing repair team and a new fence was erected at the rear of the bungalows.”

*Many residents contacted your Labour Team after a huge tree fell across the footpath in Linear Park. Marlene Quinn said “There were reports that small children were climbing along the fallen tree and there could be an accident. The tree was removed after we contacted the council and pressed for swift action”

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Xmas And A Happy New Year

West Park's Labour Team would like to wish all local residents best wishes for Xmas and the New Year. You can contact us any time regarding any local issue of importance to yourself.

West Park Labour Team

Recycle your Xmas trees

You can take trees along to local parks in St. Helens on Sunday 7th January where Council Rangers will take them off your hands between 10am and 3pm. The parks are Mesnes Park (Naylor’s Wood car park), Bankes Park in Billinge, Sherdley Park, Victoria Park in Windle, Ashtons Green open space at Parr and Clinkham Wood at Moss Bank. Alternatively, take them to one of the following waste sites: Ravenhead at Burtonhead Road, Rainhill at Tasker Terrace, Newton at Junction Lane and Rainford at Southerns Lane.

Small trees - a maximum of 4ft tall - can be placed at the side of your green bin on the relevant collection day. Residents are also reminded that Christmas cards can be recycled by putting them into your green bin or taking them to WH Smith, Tesco or TJ Hughes between January 2nd and 31st.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Work well underway at St Helens Hospital

Labour Campaigner Marlene Quinn has unreservedly welcomed the £85 million pound investment in St Helens Hospital.

Marlene commented commented” The £85m investment in St Helens Hospital will provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services and day and overnight surgical facilities at St Helens and Whiston Hospitals. With the new NHS Walk-in Centre complimenting services at our local hospitals "

The new facilities include: six operating theatres and 65 beds. And an expanded out-patient centre will be created which will have the capacity to deal with up to 200,000 out-patient visits every year.

Winter Heating Allowances

Elderly residents should be receiving their winter heating allowance by now. Call 08459 15 15 15 if you need more information.The payments vary beyween £100 to £300 depending on your age.Many residents will remember the Tories freezing winter heating allowances at £10 for many years.The very same Tories now run the local council with their Lib Dem pals.

Lib Dem Axe Sharpened For Care Homes

Ashtons Green Care Home in Parr is under threat from the Lib Dem Axe. Unions say staff have already been told that they will lose their jobs in March 2007 and elderly residents and their families face an uncertain future. Furious Labour Councillors confronted the Council’s Lib Dem leadership about the home's future. Labour had planned for the home to be redesigned to provide high quality accommodation and respite care.

In a further blow to local elderly residents and carers the Lib Dem Led Council has announced the closure of Larchfields Care Home in Newton .Labour's Marlene Quinn said " This announcement came just a couple of weeks before Xmas.The Lib Dems axed 6 care homes in Liverpool so we know all about Lib Dem rhetoric and Lib Dem reality when it comes to vulnerable residents". One local resident said "The residents of Larchfields are an elderly and frail group of people who have contributed to our society for many years. It is now time for us to repay and thank them for what they have done.Larchfields is their home where they are comfortable, familiar and cared for. The staff have become their extended family."

Marlene Slams Child's Play Delay

Labour Campaigner has slammed the Lib Dem led regime at the Council for the constant dithering and delays over children’s play facilities in the ward.

Marlene said “Last spring we informed local people that Labour had set aside £1 million to be spent on children’s play facilities. Some of this money was to be used to install new children’s play equipment in Thatto Heath Park,Taylor Park, Dodd Ave and Queens Park. Sadly, the Lib Dems did a deal with the Tories to take control of the Council in May and the play facilities that should have been in place for the summer holidays have been constantly delayed by dithering within the new regime”

“It now looks like our local kids will get their new play equipment just in time for next spring. You can rest assured that West Park’s Labour Team will fight for these facilities. Because we are the only all local campaign team we are fighting for OUR community.”

Leslie Road

Marie Rimmer has asked the council to include Leslie Road in the round of roads to be gritted during bad weather. Marie said “The steepness of the road makes it especially dangerous. So far the council have not agreed to grit Leslie Road but I intend to keep pressing on behalf of local residents.The council have agreed to an
extra grit bin for Leslie Road follwing requests from your Labour Team”